Cosmetic treatments

At Auckland Dermatology our team of experts can help you achieve your skin care goals easily, so you are able to look and feel your best with no downtime. We strive to achieve correction, not perfection and work with you to identify your specific needs and concerns. Our skin rejuvenation programmes are designed to treat irregular pigmentation, flushing facial veins, acne scars, dull, flaky or coarse skin, acne-prone skin, wrinkles, and lose of skin tone. The main issue regarding skin care in New Zealand is the treatment and correction of sun damage that causes premature ageing. Each treatment is specifically tailored to suit your individual needs, focussing on those areas you have identified as priorities. Using a variety of non-invasive procedures we can improve the tone and texture of your skin in a safe and highly effective way, resulting in a clearer, fresher and healthier appearance. Find out more: