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    While COVID-19 is in the community, telehealth is required for the majority of patients in order to maintain social distancing on site. Face to face consultations may be offered based on clinical need to vaccinated patients.

    If you are not vaccinated, we continue to offer telehealth appointments.

    Auckland Dermatology offers paediatric dermatology services and we have many patients under the age of 12 who are not yet able to have the COVID-19 vaccination.

    We also have many patients on immunosuppressants and these vulnerable patients need protection.

    All Auckland Dermatology doctors, nurses and support staff are fully vaccinated.


    We are experiencing an unprecedented number of requests for appointments so please do read the entire message that follows for the most current and complete information.

    If you are an existing patient and you wish to book an appointment, reschedule or have a query regarding your medication, please call us on 09 524 9915.

    If you are a new patient wanting to book an appointment, we now require a written referral, which will be processed as follows:

    1. The referral will be reviewed by a dermatologist who will determine its clinical priority.
    2. Referrals triaged as routine will be offered an appointment in due course. Appointments which were deferred due to the Covid lockdown will be rescheduled as a priority over new referrals, further extending the wait time of up to six to eight months.
    3. Referrals triaged as high priority will be offered the earliest available appointment.

    Please note that we do not run a cancellation list.

    We understand that this situation is disappointing, but the plan outlined above has been devised as the safest way of ensuring that the most clinically significant referrals are dealt with as a priority.

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