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Exhibiting artists

  • Amy Steunebrink, Tactillion #2

    Amy Steunebrink
    , 2014
    Encaustic paint on board
    400 x 400 mm

    These paintings explore the materiality of encaustic paint. Encaustic painting is a paint used from antiquity for frescoes, to decorate tombs and architecture. Encaustic mixes wax and resin with pure pigments, so has a unique ability to hold vibrant colours. It went out of fashion when more manageable paints arose like oils and acrylics, as the use of heat is necessary to keep it malleable to paint with. However, Encaustic became popular again as contemporary artists such as Jasper Johns in the 1950s-60s began again to use this medium. In this series of paintings Amy has an experimental approach, looking at mark making with different tools and methods of application. The paint application reveals the sculptural qualities of the waxy paint, revealed by the layers used. This also highlights the malleability and flexibility of the substance. The paintings display organic and inorganic forms, while also having bright and playful colours, creating a tactile surface that attracts the senses.


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