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Exhibiting artists

  • Jana Wood, Ceratium

    Jana Wood
    Ceratium, 2015
    Acrylic and oil on canvas
    900 x 1200 mm

    The Multiplicity series began in 2015 whilst in my final year of a BVA at Auckland University of Technology. The works explore ideas around multiplicity and diversity within a self-renewing ecology. Nature’s interconnections and flows create a constant state of animation and slow dynamic changes which often go unnoticed. I am interested in engaging with this phenomenon in an abstract and conceptual way. The series of moments within each work is akin to a dynamic ecological system. Every form is dependant on its surroundings. In the making of the work, each colour event is accumulated and massed to create a visual rhythm or sensation. Each painting is unique in its structure, made up of relationships that are alterable, growing and developing in a continuous type of becoming. My work is included in various private collections within New Zealand and overseas as well as in the Sir James Wallace Public Art Collection, Pah Homestead.


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