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Exhibiting artists

  • Lara Thomas, Character

    Lara Thomas
    Character, 2015
    Unique silk screen print
    742 x 850 mm

    Print. Imprint. Impression. Fingerprint. Footprint. Carbon footprint. Memory. Trace. Evidence. You leave your mark everywhere you go; on things you’ve touched, on places you’ve been, on people you’ve seen. And then, there’s what’s been impressed upon you. My work explores the relationship of mutual influence between inhabitants and environment. Newton’s Third Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Prints are beautiful proof of this transference of energy. They are records of marks made, documents created through the physical meeting of materials and of surfaces, images revealed via pressure over time: the scratch of a fingernail on a soft surface, the worn patches on your favourite pair of jeans, the mark left by the weight of your body on a mattress over time, crow’s feet and smile lines.


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