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Exhibiting artists

  • Lara Thomas, Untitled (Pink and blue series, version 2)

    Lara Thomas
    Untitled (Pink and blue series, version 2) 2015
    Monotype on paper
    800 x 810 mm

    Materials and objects that have been used and discarded tell stories of life lived. The neglected and rejected become visual histories: markers of time. They are the ephemera of contemporary culture and society; the artefacts of the future. Printmaking is my way of capturing and recording this ephemerality, a way of processing and reflecting the time and place I exist in. While print is a product of the industrial age, traditionally used to create cheap reproductions en masse, using analogue printmaking techniques that allow for the incorporation of chance and failure is a way to explore the idea of an ‘original’ print and to push against the limitless multiples of the digital age. Each print I create is hand pulled and unique. I am currently completing an Honours year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam.


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