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Exhibiting artists

  • Lara Thomas, Untitled

    Lara Thomas
    (Mandala series), 2013
    Monotype print on paper
    470×480 mm

    A meditation on the beauty of nature, this series of monotype prints is a study of form, texture and colour. In this digital age of mass production and consumption, ‘the individual’ is a concept of increasing importance. I’m interested in the connection between repetition, variation and individuality. Though print is traditionally the medium of the masses, monotype printing is a process which allows me to create related works without ever making two the same. Each print has its own character and is completely unique. My practice is concerned with the natural environment and our relationship to it: nature and culture. Flowers and plants are a common theme in the work I make, which ranges from prints to ceramics to sculptural installations. I am currently in my honours year of a BFA at Elam School of Fine Arts.



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