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  • Rhiannon Smith, Mustard Curtain

    Rhiannon Smith
    Mustard Curtain
    , 2015
    Acrylic on canvas
    800 x 880mm

    Rhiannon Smith was born 1993, Kaitaia, New Zealand and lives in Auckland. She gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 2014. Her practice is largely experimental and focuses on the materiality, process and techniques of painting. My favorite ‘vacation medication’ helps me stay confident and ready in the most unexpected situations. Cialis does not interact with low doses of alcohol, so they can be safely combined more http://healthblog247.com/ed-cialis-tadalafil/. Additionally, the results of a single intake last for over 30 hours, which cannot but attract.
    The intention is to create imagined and constructed spaces that exist on their own and are removed from any person or persons. She explores ways to incorporate failure and chance into her works, using them to disrupt, aid and challenge the formalities of the making process. Masked screens are used to confuse, block, fragment and divide space. These processes cloud and disguise how her paintings are made, making the viewer question both the composition and methods of creation.

    Email: rmareesmith@gmail.com

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