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Exhibiting artists

  • Tori Beech, Untitled #2

    Tori Beech
    , 2015
    Acrylic on canvas
    420 x 594mm

    I am a recent graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts. My work is concerned with the parallel practice of turning into art personal and historical photographic archives, while investigating the validity of painting as a medium. I utilise the technical ideas of Expressionism, of forming an image through a painterly process to encode a ‘subjective reality’. The tradition of portraiture offers a framework that links both “seventeenth century portrait painting and those eponymous snapshots that record friends, family and associates”¹. In drawing on these conventions I seek to reference both personal and shared histories capturing notions of fashion and style that evoke nostalgic reflection.


    ¹ Willing, Victor, and Bradley, Fiona. Victor Willing. “Imaginary Portraits” by Lynne Cooke London: Aug, 2000.

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