Meet the ‘Lip Queen’, Amanda Child

Amanda is a registered nurse (NZ, Canada) who heads our appearance medicine clinic. Read about Amanda’s qualifications here.

Amanda’s speciality and passion
Lip fillers, though I have an absolute enjoyment for all that I do. I embrace and enjoy my non-de plume from The Face Place… The Lip Queen!

Amanda’s personal WOW treatment experience
Everything! How can you narrow it down… PRP around my eyes really improved and tightened the ‘bags”, thickened up my skin and increased its resilience and elasticity, plus it softened my fine lines.

Amanda’s most common recommendation
Neurotoxin treatments to soften lines such as the grumpy looking frown, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, or to lift mouth corners to create a happier looking mouth. Softening of the negative expressions on persons resting face is always a great and effective place to start.

Amanda’s most fulfilling Neurotoxin treatment
Hyperhidrosis for underarm excessive sweating (we can treat sweating of the hands and feet too), this is life changing for those that suffer from the problem

The unexpected thing about me
For many years I have practised as a JP.

Amanda’s family
Amanda is wife to Nick. Mother to two daughters, the elder a chef, the younger a veterinary student, and a grandmother to Aurora, the cutest wee bug in the world.

Amanda’s personal perspective
I love the interaction with my clients and colleagues that my position allows me. It helps remind me to recognise that within us we all harbour the same emotional highs and lows, and that we can each reciprocally make a positive improvement to one another’s lives. Plus, I get to make improvements on an appearance level as well, which is exciting. I feel a deep and abiding respect for my nursing profession, my appearance medicine role, and for the responsibilities that come with it. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly join my clients on their journey to achieve their desired results.