Acne treatment by one of New Zealand’s leading specialists


Dr. Nicholas Birchall is one of New Zealand’s leading experts in treating this disabling skin condition. Trained at Yale and often a guest speaker at international conferences on acne, he is an expert in this area. Auckland Dermatology can also help patients with post-acne scarring. Acne treatment has come a long way in recent years. A number of prescription drugs are available that in many cases cure the affliction entirely. Acne scarring can also be overcome with the many recent breakthroughs in dermapen treatments and laser rejuvenation. These treatments are often simple walk-in, walk-out procedures that can be done in a lunchtime or quick afternoon session and often require no more than three or four visits. In the past, adults have worn the scars of teenage acne for the whole of their lives. Auckland Dermatology can help you address this unfortunate problem early and cover any traces that acne may have left upon your skin. Increasingly, both lasers and photodynamic therapy are being used to treat acne. Ask us about their suitability in your case. Click on the links below to find out more about the types of treatment that are available to tackle your acne issues: