Laser treatment

Hair removal, nail fungus, scars, veins and tattoos

Effective treatment requires effective procedures. At Auckland Dermatology we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the removal of hair, fungal nails, tattoos or the rejuvenation of skin. We have found laser treatment one of the best ways to deal with these sensitive issues, but not always the same laser technology. That’s why we have an Alexandrite excel laser for hair removal, a YAG1064 laser for spider veins of the face and Genesis YAG laser for skin rejuvenation. We also have a Enlighten pico laser for tattoo removal. We invest in the best procedure so our clients get the most effective treatment, with an minimum of discomfort and down time. What’s more our specialist laser technicians have thousands of hours of experience with these procedures so you know you’re in good hands. It’s one reason Auckland Dermatology is a leading destination for hair, nail, tattoo and face treatments, and a further reason why you should consider a dermatological practice over a beauty clinic. All of our procedures are backed up by a qualified dermatologist. For a comprehensive explanation of our procedures, including frequently asked questions, click on the links below: