Frequently asked questions

What is a Dermatologist?
Dermatology is the science that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails. A dermatologist is the medical specialist you should consult if you have any significant problem with your skin.

Why should I insist on a specialist?
Dermatologists are medical specialists with a minimum of 8 years training; in Dr Birchall’s case, finishing at Yale University, USA. There are only about 40 practising dermatologists in New Zealand and they are often not only involved in general dermatology, but also research into common skin disorders and have a particular concern with the growth of appearance medicine.

How will my skin react to treatment?
Depending on the problem, and depending on the treatment, you should expect some side effects afterwards. Your dermatologist will always discuss these with you beforehand. Having a medical specialist on hand is essential as your side effects will not be unique and only a qualified dermatologist will know how to manage your skin issues correctly.

What are the long-term effects of treatment?
Your skin is an organ like the heart, lungs, kidney or liver. Damage done to your skin can often be treated but any intervention must be careful and made with a weather-eye on the latest medical and pharmaceutical developments. Auckland Dermatology’s specialists keep themselves up to date with new treatments so you can be assured the advice you are getting is given for the utmost long term benefits of both you and your skin.