Skin pigmentation

One clients story

My secret to getting rid of pigmentation
Leonie Barlow, The Style Insider
10 August, 2015

Anyone who knows me well knows my biggest beauty bugbear has been a pesky pigmentation spot on my cheek. It first appeared 12-years-ago when I was pregnant with my oldest son and it’s been impossible to budge – until now. Over the years I’ve tried almost everything to remove it – IPL, VPL and more lightening products than I care to remember. All with varied success but nothing came close to completely removing it. This particular spot has been extra annoying because it’s tricky to cover up. It’s right where my blusher goes and when I apply it the makeup brush seems to sweep alway my cleverly placed concealer revealing the spot. I know it’s not a biggie but it was one of those little things that annoyed me. So when Susan Devonshire at Auckland Dermatology zapped it with a new state-of-the-art laser I decided to video the process in the hope that this treatment would actually work and I’d be able to say goodbye to this annoying spot forever. Now for the record I’m not being sponsored by Auckland Dermatology, but the laser treatment actually worked and that’s why I’m sharing my short video diary with you. As far as pain goes, well I’d probably rate the actual laser treatment a two out of 10 (with 10 being super painful). It did turn a nasty dark brown colour (as you can see in the pic above) but that only lasted about a week before crusting over and falling off. During that time I loaded it up with concealer which hid it well enough for me to get out and about. I was then left with a light pinkish mark where the spot had been and now that pink has disappeared and left me spot free. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result!