Pure Light acne treatment

The Clear100XL procedure is a new technology that uses pure light wavelengths (both blue light and infrared) to kill the bacteria in the pores that exacerbate acne. This can work in tandem with anti-acne drug treatments, or instead of drugs for those patients, like pregnant women, who are not suitable for drug treatments. In addition to killing bacteria, the thermal qualities induce a wound-healing response in the skin, dilating tiny blood vessels in the skin which increases the supply of oxygen to the treated area and stimulates the skin to heal itself. This same procedure is used to rejuvenate aging skin. A series of treatments are needed, typically one to two 20 minute sessions each week, for a period of four to six weeks. The use of cool UV-free light assures the safety of the procedure for both the short and long term. The procedure is relaxing and pain-free and you can go back to work or study immediately afterwards.