Pure Light anti-ageing

The Clear100XL procedure is non-laser rejuvenation procedure that uses a combination of cool UV-free light and Infrared light to stimulate the healing-response in your skin. The most noticeable signs of aging skin are yellowing and uneven patches of pigmentation, fine lines around the eyes and the lips, enlarged pores and a loss of skin elasticity.

These symptoms are caused by micro-inflammation around the collagen fibres of the skin. In addition, the decreased blood circulation associated with aging reduces the supply of oxygen, limiting the ability of the skin to regenerate itself.

The blue light wavelength decreases the micro-inflammation while the infrared dilates tiny blood vessels, which in turn increase the supply of oxygen to the skin, allowing the wound to heal naturally. A series of treatments are needed, typically one to two 20 minute sessions each week, for a period of four to six weeks. The use of cool UV free light assures the safety of the procedure for both the short and long term.The procedure is relaxing and pain-free and you can go back to work immediately afterwards.